We want to be a home for the lost and unfulfilled.


We exist to lead people into a life-changing, ever-growing relationship with Jesus.

To be a Home for the lost and unfulfilled.



We put God first in everything we do. 

If God’s not first in it, He’s not in it at all.


We reject religion and embrace relationship. 

We’re not here to follow rules. We’re here to follow Jesus.


We are spiritual contributors not spiritual consumers. 

The church does not exist to serve us. We are the church and we exist to serve others!


We have fun and laugh often! 

If we’re not having fun, we’re doing it wrong!


We give with confidence knowing that we cannot out-give God. 

Irrational generosity brings irrational blessing.


We invite everyone always. 

We take personal responsibility in bringing Home the lost and unfulfilled.


We show big faith with our words and actions. 

We never insult God with worry or fear.